Per Pupil Spending (CA Only)

Summary: Per pupil spending based on current expenditures and average daily attendance

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This database contains per pupil spending based on current expenditures and average daily attendance. Years refer to school years, e.g., 2002 reflects 2001-2002 data. For more information on per pupil spending and how they are calculated, see Per Pupil Spending Background and Definitions.  The California Department of Education provided county and state per pupil spending average for 1999-2018.  For 1990-1998, we calculated county averages as the unweighted average of all reporting districts in each county.  We then calculated state averages based on unweighted county averages. 

Geographic Coverage: City or Other Local Government

Periodicity: Annually

Series Begins/Ends: 1990 - 2018

Source (APA): RAND State Statistics. (2019, October 13). Per Pupil Spending (CA Only).
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Derived From: California Department of Education

Updated:  Oct. 13, 2019 Estimated next update: Aug. 12, 2020

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