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National Park Usage Glossary

Park Visit Category Definition
Recreation visit The entry of a person onto lands or waters administered by the NPS for recreational purposes excluding government personnel, through traffic (commuters trades-person and persons residing within park boundaries.
Non-recreation visit A reportable non-recreation visit includes through traffic, trades-people with business in the park, and government personnel (other than NPS employees) with business in the park.
Campground The number of overnight visits to an area of land designated and developed for use as a camp.
Backcountry campers Campers visiting one or more primitive or wilderness areas in a park reached primarily by hiking, boating or horseback.
Misc. Campers The number of overnight campers not staying in designated campgrounds or designated backcounty. Examples are those staying at group areas or on boats.
Lodging The number of overnight stays at lodges in the park.