Weather Statistics Glossary

Category Definition
Temperature normals, max. Normal maximum temperature, degrees F
Temperature normals, mean Average of normal maximum and minimum temperatures, degrees F
Temperature normals, min. Normal minimum temperature, degrees F
Precipitation normals Normal precipitation in snow, rainfall, etc.
Degree day normals, CDD Average temperature, degrees F, minus 65; shows demand for fuel to cool buildings
Degree day normals, HDD 65 minus average temperature, degrees F; shows demand for fuel to heat buildings
Highest mean Maximum Mean Monthly Value/Year, 1971-2000
Median Median Mean Monthly Value/Year, 1971-2000
Lowest mean Minimum Mean Monthly Value/Year, 1971-2000
Highest mean year Year of Maximum Mean, 1971-2000
Lowest mean year Year of Minimum Mean, 1971-2000
Max. adjustment Add to MAX to Get Midnight Obs. Schedule
Min. adjustment Add to MIN to Get Midnight Obs. Schedule