Just added Gini Coefficient by Zip Code.  Gini Coefficients show income inequality.  This DB contains Gini Coefficients (Indexes) for the U.S., states, counties, cities, and more than 33,000 zip codes for 2019.  We'll be adding historical data over the next few days.

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RAND USA Details For Food Commodities

  • Per capita figures include resident population only except from 1917-19. From 1930-present, per capita figures include the resident population plus Armed Forces overseas.
  • Weights for all meats are boneless.
  • Total meat includes beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, and fish.
  • Poultry includes skin, neck meat, and giblets. Chicken excludes the amount of ready-to-cook chicken going to pet food as well as some water leakage that occurs when chicken is cut up before packaging.
  • Milk figures include human food only and incorporate milk products fed to animals or wasted and USDA donations and other supplies destroyed.
  • Fluid milk and cream figures are aggregates of commercial sales and milk produced and consumed on farms.
  • Cheese includes cheese made from whole milk and skim milk.
  • Ice cream includes products formerly known as ice milk.
  • Whey is the watery part of milk that is separated from the coagulable pare of curd especially in the process of making cheese that is rich in lactose, minerals, and vitamins, and contains protein and traces of fat.
  • Eggs farm weight is converted at one dozen to 1.57 pounds. Eggs retail weight is converted from one dozen to 0.97 pounds in 1965 and was increased 0.003 per year until 0.985 was reached in 1990.
  • Total fats and oils include butter.
  • Lard and edible beef tallow includes direct use and rendered basis use.
  • Salad and cooking oil figures are included in other edible fats and oils before 1965 and include edible rapeseed (canola) oil beginning in 1985.
  • Other edible fats and oils include specialty fats used mainly in confectionery products and non-dairy creamers.
  • Fat content of butter and margarine is calculated at 80 percent of product weight.
  • Total frozen dairy products include ice cream, low-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other frozen dairy products.
  • Total dairy products includes non-fat dry milk, fluid milk and cream, butter, cheese, cottage chees, ice cream, low-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, other frozen dairy products, whole milk (evaporated and condensed), skim milk (evaporated and condensed), whole milk (dry), non-fat milk (dry), buttermilk (dry) and whey (dried). Measured in milk equivalent.
  • Some numbers are rounded.
  • NA indicates data are not available.