Statewide Population Projections (TX only) (Archives, 2010-2050)

Summary: Ppopulation projections for the state and counties by single year of age, sex and race/ethnicity

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This form contains Texas population projections by single year of age, sex and race/ethnicity.  The low migration scenario assumes that in-migration and out-migration are equal (i.e., net migration is zero) resulting in growth only through natural increase (the excess or deficit of births relative to deaths).  The high assumes that the trends in the age, sex and race/ethnicity net migration rates of the post-2000 decade will characterize those occurring in the future of Texas. The mid-scenario is the average of the zero low and high scenarios. 

Geographic Coverage: States, Counties

Periodicity: Other

Series Begins/Ends: 2010 - 2050

Data Source: Office of the State Demographer

Updated:  Dec. 03, 2014 Next update: None

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