Average Consumer Prices

Summary: Average consumer prices

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This database contains average consumer prices, in dollars, for household fuel, motor fuel, and food items as collected for the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  A limited number of measures are available starting in 1913. Most are available for shorter periods.  Data for many items are not collected and are therefore not reported. Average prices are best used to measure the price level in a particular month, not to measure price change over time. Not all categories are available in each geographical area.  


Prices, except for electricity, are collected monthly by Bureau of Labor Statistics in 85 urban areas. Electricity prices are collected for the BLS for the same 85 areas by the Department of Energy using mail questionnaires. All fuel prices include applicable Federal, State, and local taxes; prices for natural gas and electricity also include fuel and purchased gas adjustments.  For additional details on categories and methodology, see Consumer Price Index.  

Geographic Coverage: U.S., States, Metropolitan Area

Periodicity: Monthly

Series Begins/Ends: 1970 - 2023

Source (APA): RAND State Statistics. (2023, May 17). Average Consumer Prices.
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Derived From: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Updated:  May 17, 2023 Estimated next update: Jun. 17, 2023

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