Drug Overdose Deaths

Summary: Number of deaths and death rates from opioid overdose and/or poisining

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This database report the number of deaths reported as a result of drug overdoses.  It includes deaths and death rates from all drugs and from opioids specifically. 


Opioid deaths include the following based on Multiple Causes of Death (MCD-10) codes: opium (T40.0), heroin (T40.1), other opioids (T40.2), methadone (T40.3), other synthetic narcotics (T40.4), other and unspecified narcotics (T40.6). The category "All opioids" reflects the sum of opium, heroin, other opioids,  methadone, and other synthetic narcotics.  See MCD for additional details on causes of death categories.  All drugs includes MCD-10 codes T40.0-T40.4, plus T40.6-T40.9. All drugs explicitly excludes alcohol. 


Note that values of less than ten for any state or county are suppressed to protect privacy.  As noted, the category "All opioids" excludes the number of drug overdose deaths where data are suppressed.  In these cases, we have estimated possible ranges in the number of deaths and for crude- and age-adjusted rates.  


Population figures for years 1999, 2001-2009, and 2011-present are bridged-race estimates of the July 1 resident population provided by the National Center on Health Statistics.  Population for 2010 and 2000 are April 1 Census counts.  


Geographic Coverage: U.S., States, Counties

Periodicity: Annually

Series Begins/Ends: 1999 - 2019

Source (APA): RAND State Statistics. (2021, December 24). Drug Overdose Deaths.
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Derived From: Centers for Disease Control

New Database added:  Dec. 24, 2021 Estimated next update: Feb. 04, 2023

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