Federal Budget Outlays by Function and Subfunction (Archives, 1962-2024)

Summary: Federal budget outlays by function and subfunction

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The database provides federal budget outlays by function and subfunction.  Data from 2019 to 2024 are estimates.  Unless otherwise indicated, outlays are on-budget.  Data reported for the following categories are NA in all years and have been removed:

1) Defense-related activities: Other Defense-related activities

2) Subtotal, Defense-related activities

3) Immigration Reform

4) Future Disaster Costs

5) Opportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative (Non-Defense).


See Federal Government Function and Subfunction for additional information on outlay categories. 

Geographic Coverage: U.S.

Periodicity: Biennially

Series Begins/Ends: 1962 - 2024

Source (APA): RAND State Statistics. (2019, June 7). Federal Budget Outlays by Function and Subfunction (Archives, 1962-2024).,-1962-2024).html?dbc=cmFuZF91c2E=&bid=%27NTI=%27
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Derived From: The White House

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