Global Population, Density, & Area

Summary: Mid-year population estimates, growth rates, density, and land area for countries and areas with more than 5,000 population

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This database reports mid-year total population estimates for countries with populations of 5,000 or more.  Estimates exclude foreign military, tourist, and other short-term visitors.  For additional information, see methodology from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.


1 square mile = 640 acres = 2.58999 square kilometers = 258.999 hectares.

Geographic Coverage: U.S.

Periodicity: Annually

Series Begins/Ends: 1950 - 2022

Source (APA): RAND State Statistics. (2022, September 22). Global Population, Density, & Area.,-density,---area.html?dbc=cmFuZF91c2E=&bid=%27Nw==%27
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Derived From: U.S. Bureau of the Census

New Database added:  Sep. 22, 2022 Estimated next update: Sep. 05, 2023

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