Motor Fuel Tax Receipts (Archives, 1995-2017)

Summary: Motor fuel tax receipts, including gross collections, deductions, and adjusted total receipts

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This database contains motor fuel tax receipts, including gross collections, deductions by distributors for expenses, refunds paid, net receipts, dedicated revenue from non-highway gasoline, adjusted net volume tax receipts.  It also contains related receipts from motor fuel, including those from distributor and dealer licenses, inspection fees, fines and penalties, misc. receipts, and adjusted total receipts.  Figures include revenues from state taxes on all motor-vehicle fuels and related receipts in connection with motor-fuel taxation and administration.  Revenues in most recent years reflect tax rates in most years on Dec. 31st of each year; in earlier years, revenues reflect tax rates in effect on Jan. 1st.  The category Adjusted total receipts equals Motor fuel tax receipts--adjusted net volume tax receipts plus Related receipts—total. 

  • In many states, the tax on special fuels (fuels other than gasoline and gasohol is applicable only to fuel used on highways
  • Gross tax collection in some states includes receipts in the form of tax credits for refund claims accepted by distributors acting agents of the state and refund credits to users who are licensed distributors; dedicated revenue from non-highway use of gasoline reflects proceeds from taxes on non-highway uses of gasoline for the improvement of non-highway facilities (generally airport and marine facilities
  • Inspection fees reflect inspection of motor-vehicle fuel
  • Illinois figures in 2011 reflect 2010 data
  • New Mexico figures in 2008 reflect 2007 data
  • Rhode Island figures in 2005 reflect 2004 data; 2003 data reflect 2002.

Geographic Coverage: U.S., States

Periodicity: Biennially

Series Begins/Ends: 1995 - 2017

Data Source: Federal Highway Administration

Updated:  Oct. 03, 2019 Next update: None

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