State Childrens Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

Summary: State Children's Health Insurance (SCHIP) enrollment and expenditures

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This database reports State Children's Health Insurance (SCHIP) enrollment and Expenditures in U.S. states. (The data source, CMS, has not yet released 2018 expenditures.  As a result, these are reported as NA.) 


SCHIP provides health benefits coverage to children living in families with incomes that exceed Medicaid eligibility limits. SCHIP is generally targeted to families with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, but each state may modify income eligibility limits.  Data are reported by Fiscal Years (Oct. 1-Sept. 30).  Enrollment data are in thousands; expenditures are in millions of current dollars.  

Geographic Coverage: U.S., States

Periodicity: Annually

Series Begins/Ends: 2000 - 2021