State High School Graduates and Dropouts by Race/Ethnicity (Archives, 1995-2010)

Summary: Number of public high school dropouts, by race/ethnicity

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NCES, the source, no longer publishes this database due to privacy concerns.  


This database reports the number of public high school dropouts, by race/ethnicity and state or jurisdiction in selected years.  Some numbers are rounded. NA includes some instances where reporting standards were not met. Data may differ from other reports because of different reporting practices for racial and ethnic data and include only graduates for whom race/ethnicity was reported. Race categories exclude persons of Hispanic ethnicity. Dropout rates measure the percentage of public school students in grades 9 through 12 who dropped out of school between October and October in subsequent years. 2010 data for the District of Columbia were imputed based on prior year rates.

Geographic Coverage: U.S., States

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